How much should I charge?

It’s the question I hear the most when I talk to freelance writers and it’s also the most popular topic in Freelance Writers in Israel. So I decided to create a resource that can help freelance writers, editors and proofreaders set their rates without feeling like they are just shooting in the dark:

Because freelance writers’ rates are not very openly discussed, you might have questions about the chart and how it can help you. So I created an FAQ to go along with it. I invite you to read it below and drop me a line with any questions or feedback may you have!


Freelance Writers’ Rates Chart FAQ


Where do the rates in this chart come from?

The data is based on insight I obtained when I was employed as a content team manager for a big company and hired freelancers to take on part of our workload. It is also based on my experience as a freelance writer, working for big companies, small start-ups and individuals, for the past 8 years. Lastly, it is based on my most recent experience as a content consultant, hired to help big companies build their content teams by combining salaried writers and freelance writers.

Should I consider the rates chart an official standard?

No. The rates in the chart reflect the current pricing landscape for freelance writers in Israel. They reveal what freelance writers are charging and what companies are willing to pay. I’m sharing the rates to help you make more informed decisions about your own rates, not because I endorse them.

How can the rates in this chart help me?

I hear a lot of freelance writers say things like ‘Will I get laughed at for quoting this price?’ This chart can help you squash those fears. Just compare the rate you want to offer to your potential clients to the rates in the chart.

If you are…

Within the range – You can submit your offer with more confidence.

Below the range – Consider raising your rates.

Above the range –  Make sure you can justify your rate if potential clients ask why you charge more than other freelance writers who have the same amount of experience as you.

If my prices are higher, should I mark them down?

Not necessarily. Do not let the rates in the chart hold you back.  If you think that you should be charging more for your services, then by all means do so. Nothing is carved in stone here.

Where do your rates fall under the chart categories?

My rates are similar to what you will find under the ‘Expert’ column.

Should I question these rates?

YES! Just because these are the going rates doesn’t mean they are correct. Do you think we should be charging more or less? Contact me and tell me what you think. I want to hear about your experiences too. Your feedback will be taken into consideration for future updates to the chart.

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