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My summer plans are taking shape and I’m mapping it all out in a detailed calendar that takes every hour into account (see it and swipe it here).

If you saw my recent posts in Freelance Writers in Israel, you know that I have decided to tackle August differently this year. Work less (but enough to pay the bills), be with the kids more and avoid all the expensive summer camps. As simple as this sounds; it actually requires A LOT of planning. Thinking ahead and being strategic about when to fit in writing time is crucial.


How I carved out writing time


Because I’m divorced (any other divorcees out there?), I already have ‘alone time’ built in to my schedule. I blocked off all my hours without the kids (in blue) and dedicated most of them to writing. It looks like this will give me enough time to work at half capacity.

But just to be safe, on my days with the kids, I will only schedule fun activities for after 12 pm. That way, if I need some extra working hours, I can steal some in the mornings. The kids love to hang out in their PJs until late on the holidays anyway. A little TV time won’t hurt anyone.


When working less, why not travel?


Last night, I booked tickets for a semi-spontaneous trip to Toronto! It will be my first time back since 2014 and the first time my twin boys will see where their mommy is from. Since we will go for 3 weeks, I have decided that I will work while I am there to keep the funds coming in.


Want to see my summer planner and download it to make your own?


Check it out at the link at the end of this post and follow these tips when you use it:

  1. Starting today, record everything you do for an entire week. Make sure you take every hour into account.
  2. Take a look at your schedule and see what is taking up most of your time. Are there any activities you could cut down on during the summer to make room for writing, pitching or working on some of your own marketing? For example, you could give up some TV time or limit your Facebook browsing.
  3. Cut out 2 less-important activities from your schedule and replace them with writing time. Consider waking up one hour earlier or going to bed one hour later to add even more writing time.

EXTRA TIP: In the early evening when it cools off, I take my kids to play soccer or basketball in a neighborhood field. I set up shop at a picnic bench with my laptop and get in an hour or two of extra work time!

Try your new schedule out for a week and see how it goes. If you’re happy with the changes you made, you can try cutting out some more activities and replace them with more freelance writing. Keep doing this until you reach the productivity level that’s right for you!

August is nuts Israel, but we can conquer it with a little planning and motivation!

Who’s with me?

Check out my summer freelance writing planner here.


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