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As an English speaker living in Israel, you have unique stories to tell the Jewish world. The combination of being raised in the West and immersing yourself in the culture of the Middle East offers eye opening insights that so many Jewish people around the world would love to read about.

To be honest, I have never tried to break into the Jewish culture and history writing niche. But after speaking to many freelance writers in Israel, I understood that it’s a niche that many want to pursue with passion.

After doing a bit of research, I discovered that Jewish online publications do have very big audiences, so there is potential there.  Below are 7 online Jewish publications who pay freelance writers for accepted submissions:


Monthly visits: 1,050,000

Aish is a leading Jewish content website, claiming to log over 1 million monthly user sessions with 380,000 unique email subscribers. It prides itself in being the place where Jews go to discover their heritage in an open atmosphere.

Aish welcomes freelance articles that reflect how Jewish wisdom has a positive influence on our everyday life. First person accounts that appeal to Jews of all backgrounds are favored.

Pay: $200 on publication (according to sources at


Monthly visits: 1,150,000

Tablet is a daily online magazine that showcases Jewish news, ideas, and culture. It publishes several new pieces daily and updates their blog, the Scroll, on an hourly basis. The magazine also has a weekly podcast called Vox Tablet.

Pay: Varies per submission. Be prepared to negotiate.

Moment Magazine

Monthly visits: 95,000

A publication aimed at the Jewish community living in North American, Moment Magazine accepts freelance submissions. They stress that their stories must be written for the lay reader, not for experts. Refined style and humour is acceptable.

Pay: Comparable with other medium-sized, non-profit magazines. Discussed at time of assignment and upon publication.

Forward Magazine

Monthly visits: 2,300,000

Catering to the Jewish community of the New York Metropolitan area, Forward Magazine accepts freelance submissions for News, Op-Ed, Arts and Culture, Features and Special Stories.

Pay: According to their website, pay varies depending on the type of article you are submitting. If your work gets accepted by is not used, you’ll receive 50% of the agreed-upon pay.


Monthly visits: 355,460

Want to write about parenting with a Jewish twist? Then Kveller is the website for you. They are always looking for personal essays about parenting and women’s issues written from a ‘Jewish lens’. However, they stress on their About page that your piece does not necessarily have to tie directly to Judaism.

Pay: Unamed sources have reported $25 per post.

Lilith Magazine

Monthly visits: 17,220

This online publication has a mission to be the feminist game changer in the Jewish community. Seeking to ‘amplify Jewish women’s voices’ and ‘empower Jewish women and girls to envision and enact change in their own lives and communities’ Lilith accepts freelancer submissions for reporting, opinion pieces, memoirs, fiction and poetry.

Pay: Negotiated upon pitching the magazine.

First Things

Monthly visits: 740,480

A publication which offers Jewish and Christian perspectives, First Things is published by the Institue of Religion and Public Life. As a freelance writer, you can submit opinion pieces, featured articles and book reviews.

Pay: An honorarium

Ready to pitch your article and essay ideas to Jewish publications? Choose 2 or 3 websites from the list above and reach out to them.  But first, check out on my post of pitching and grab some email scripts you can use.

Good luck and I’d love to hear if you get published!

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