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How to avoid lowering your rates for clients

Imagine this: You’re talking to a client about a potential project and everything is going great. The client loves your ideas, they are impressed by your knowledge and your writing samples. It’s time to close this deal. You send them a proposal and the first thing...

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Copywriter or content writer, which one are you?

Do you feel sometimes like you have multiple freelance writer personalities? One day, you call yourself a content writer. The next day, you introduce yourself as a copywriter to a potential client. Your LinkedIn profile headline reads ‘Content writer, ghostwriter and...

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3 deadly math mistakes that are killing your hourly rate

Do you feel unsure about your hourly rate? Is your intuition telling you that your hourly rate is too low, but at the same time, you can’t think of any justifiable reason to raise it? It might be because you’re making common calculation mistakes that many writers make...

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3 things your clients hate about you

Congrats! You landed a new client. You finish fine-tuning your first draft and send it to her by email. The next day, she writes you back: “Thanks, we will issue payment.” And you never hear from her again. You spent money on a paid job board to find that client and...

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How to uncover a gold mine of good paying local clients

5 years in to my freelance writing business, I was feeling stuck. Working with corporate clients was taking its toll on my creativity. I wanted to work for clients who would feel the results from my writing on a personal level. Not just marketing managers who get a...

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